W.O. Mitchell Book Prize

I’m thrilled to share that I received the W.O. Mitchell Book Prize for Under Shifting Stars!

As I said in my acceptance speech, this book is close to my heart because my childhood home was flooded in the Calgary flood of 2013, and my family lost a lot of sentimental items. It was a cathartic experience to write about Audrey saving these items for her family. Audrey believes strongly in signs, so she’d think it’s meant to be that I received this award exactly 8 years after the flood in June. Thank you, Calgary!

Kirkus Review of Under Shifting Stars

Hi everyone! I’m a bit late posting this, but KIRKUS has reviewed Under Shifting Stars and you can now find it online and in this month’s print magazine.

“Latos’ prose is highly relatable, giving an accurate and gut-wrenching depiction of the uncertainty of growing up and finding oneself. She emphasizes the pain that comes from knowing that someone you love has changed without you along with the fear of being left behind. Bullying of queer and neurodivergent students is shown in all of its bitter truth. At the same time, Latos reassures readers that these situations are not hopeless.”

Thank you, Kirkus!

(Pre)School’s Out For Summer!

This might be one of my best inventions – it bought me at least ten minutes of down time 😉