Tex Tex Tex

Taking a break to post a picture of my writing buddy, who has been alternating between napping on my lap and my keyboard. He insisted on the coloured pencil filter, claiming it makes him look more sophisticated.

Tex and me 3

Introducing Tex, our dog-cat. Labeled as such because he likes to roll onto his back for stomach scratches and follow us on walks. I kid you not—one time Trenton and I tried to go on a bike ride, and he ran after us down the street howling. We had to get our address and telephone number engraved on his tag because he climbed into a UPS truck and the surprised driver almost took off with him. The mailman parks in front of our house and leaves his door open so Tex will have lunch with him. Neighbors introduce themselves to us saying, ‘You’re Tex’s parents’. Sometimes when I’m writing I look out the window and see teen girls taking selfies with him. He’s probably already an Internet sensation. For certain he’s the coolest cat in the world.

Review – The Art of Being Normal

The Art of Being Normal is told from the dual point of view of David, who was born a boy but knows in his heart that he’s really a girl, and Leo, a new student who arrives at David’s school with a troubled history. David is immediately drawn to Leo for reasons he can’t explain and tries to befriend him, but Leo tries to keep him at a distance.

This is a very good read for people who are not trans but are looking to understand the struggles a transgendered teen might experience today, when media is beginning to talk more openly about being transgendered but it’s still not entirely socially accepted.

SPOILER ALERT – Even though it’s not really a spoiler for anyone who reads the description closely (unlike me).

Somehow I missed the part in the book’s description that read ‘they find in each other the friendship and support they need to navigate life as transgender teens’. While reading The Art of Being Normal, I wasn’t aware at first that Leo was also transgendered, and the reveal worked. Suddenly I understood Leo and everything he had to lose. I ached for him when his secret was revealed at school and all the kids began to taunt him. I understood his desire to run away. David’s story was a bit slower and really shone near the end when he finally came out to his parents, who I think react exactly like parents who want to be supportive but are caught off guard would, and when he went to the dance dressed as his true self. It was a brave move and I’m not sure I would have been able to do it at sixteen.

Art of Being Normal

I found this novel to be uplifting and inspiring and give it 5 stars!


My Diapering Future

The other night I was adding items to my hospital bag, and I got all emotional about the tiny newborn diapers, kind of like Lily and the sock in HIMYM. I grabbed one of Owen’s size 6 and took a photo of them side by side. So much cuteness! Soon I’ll be cursing diapering for two, but for now I can just be amazed by how quickly Owen has grown and how wonderful life is at this moment, living in complete ignorant bliss 😉