Tex Tex Tex

Taking a break to post a picture of my writing buddy, who has been alternating between napping on my lap and my keyboard. He insisted on the coloured pencil filter, claiming it makes him look more sophisticated.

Tex and me 3

Introducing Tex, our dog-cat. Labeled as such because he likes to roll onto his back for stomach scratches and follow us on walks. I kid you not—one time Trenton and I tried to go on a bike ride, and he ran after us down the street howling. We had to get our address and telephone number engraved on his tag because he climbed into a UPS truck and the surprised driver almost took off with him. The mailman parks in front of our house and leaves his door open so Tex will have lunch with him. Neighbors introduce themselves to us saying, ‘You’re Tex’s parents’. Sometimes when I’m writing I look out the window and see teen girls taking selfies with him. He’s probably already an Internet sensation. For certain he’s the coolest cat in the world.