Welcome Baby Max

Me and Max

Hey so I disappeared there for a bit because…you guessed it…I HAD A BABY! I’m back in the land of no sleep and constant diaper changes, only the diapers are even TINIER than expected because he arrived 3 weeks early and we had to get the premie ones. Max was born on April 16th at a healthy 6 pounds 7 ounces and is now close to 9 pounds because–like his older brother–the kid eats constantly. Constantly! I can’t walk into the room without him getting a whiff and crying for the milk bar. As I type this he’s in a carrier, his little head bobbing as he tries to extract milk from my collarbone. The cutest thing: he’s a twin of his older brother at the same age. In the hospital I kept experiencing crazy deja-vu and calling him Owen.

And speaking of our tantrumy two year old, I was kind of worried about how Owen would take to having a baby brother, but he loves Max with a fierceness bordering on aggression. We’ve had to peel him off Max on more than one occasion…

Owen and Max first kiss

Owen brings Max clean diapers, dresses him in clothes and shoes that are too big for him (see above), and refers to him as ‘Owen’s Baby’. It melts my heart!

If any of you are wondering how Tex is faring, I’m afraid it’s him who has regressed… He’s taken to sleeping in the bassinet, climbing onto the breastfeeding pillow, and asking to be cuddled in the carrier. Photo evidence of this last one actually exists.