Vegas, No Baby!

Last weekend Trenton and I went on our first kid-free trip in four years (five if you count the time I was pregnant)! We chose Vegas because it’s a quick 2.5 hour flight, the weather is warm enough to go to the pool during the days, and it’s a surprisingly mellow place to visit as a couple.

I know, the words “Vegas” and “mellow” don’t belong in the same sentence. What we like about Vegas is that there was always so much to do, so many restaurants to eat at and shows to see, that we didn’t really didn’t even have to think—a win for exhausted parents.

Leaving the kids was hard. Not just because I knew I was going to miss them, but because the logistics of going on vacation without your kids takes just as much preparation as bringing them along.

To get my family on board and disrupt their schedules as little as possible, we brought the kids to them, which involved the following: setting up a playpen at my sister’s, dropping toys and bikes off at my parents, teaching everyone how to install car seats, packing individual bags for daycare on Friday, a suitcase for their weekend clothes, and yet another bag full of toys they picked to take. I wrote a group email with a “schedule” that included when my sister would pick them up from daycare, when she would take them to my parents’ the next morning, Max’s nap time, Owen’s skating lesson time (including what to do with Max in that half hour), sleeping routines, and fun activities they could do together to fill up their time.

We were asleep by the time the plane left the runway.

Just kidding. We were pretty pumped to be on a plane and actually able to watch a movie. The novelty of it! Such luxury!

Before we took off, I admit I was nervous. I stood at our gate scrolling through pictures of the kids. “Look, here they are in their matching pajamas! Aren’t they adorable? Does anyone else at the gate want to see this picture of my kids sitting all cute together in their matching pajamas, not even hitting each other or crying?”

After we took off, we went back in time. We didn’t worry about the kids but fell easily into our old life as a couple. Since it was a special trip, we splurged and saw a show every night: KA, Absinthe, and the Vegas Strong benefit concert, which included a variety of Vegas acts with proceeds going to the families of victims of the October 1 shooting.

On the last night, we tried gambling and tripled our money before losing it all. (Which really means we put a dollar into a slot machine in Caesars Palace and our money shot up to $3.08, but then we cashed out and moved to a bad luck machine. Boo!)

It was such a fun trip!!! The perfect first quick getaway. To any parents reading this who feel guilty taking time away from your kids, I can’t tell you what to do, but do it! As long as they’re being well taken care of while you’re gone, it’s okay for you to have time to yourself, and you will come back a more relaxed parent.

Here we are at Absinthe:

Winning at the slots:

Relaxing by the pool:

Two cuties in matching pajamas: