96.666667% finished my WIP!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Now that the holiday high is over, are you feeling nostalgic or excited for a new year and all the possibilities?

I’m currently paying for slacking off over the holidays. My deadline for my grant project is looming, and I admit writer fatigue set in when December hit. There were days I sat at the computer for close to five hours and only wrote 1000 words. Ouch!

But it’s a new year, and I’m back in the swing of things and going full tilt. Yesterday and the day before I wrote 3000 words per day! I’ve gotten back into the story and I’m enjoying the research process, which has largely consisted of scouring Pinterest. Check out this skoolie interior – doesn’t it make you want to hit the open road?

I especially love the trough bath! It’s hard to see in this picture (thewaywardhome.com), but it looks like the faucet at the kitchen sink can detach to fill the bath or be used as a handheld in order to shower. I’m also a huge fan of the barn doors on the kitchen cabinets, since it’s a tight space and kitchen cabinets that swing out could present a few problems.

It’s January 4th, and I’m dreaming of summer, and road trips, and camping… Time to stop looking at Pinterest and get back to work!