About Me

Me and MaxHi all! I’m Alexandra, aka Lexy, and I’ve been a writer my entire life. In fact, I won an award when I was five years old for my story about a “dorphaned bear”.  Highlights of my childhood included walking to the drugstore to buy new notebooks for my next story, and forcing family members and friends to act in my plays . When I went to university I decided to be all pragmatic and graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in Finance, but after a few stints in various treasury departments, I quickly realized the finance world isn’t for me (the stocks app is still the most under-utilized app on my phone). In order to earn a living writing, I returned to university to earn a Bachelor of Arts in English and a certificate in Technical Writing. I still pick up a technical writing contract here and there, but my true passion remains creative writing and I’m working my butt off to make my dream come true! That is, when I can sneak time off from taking care of my tiny tornadoes, aka my four and two year old cutie-pie sons! I’ve published Young Adult and New Adult fiction, and I’m currently working on an Adult novel through a grant process with Alberta Foundation for the Arts. I live with my husband, the two tiny tornadoes, and two black cats, one of whom thinks he’s a dog.

You can follow me on Instagram and Twitter at @alexandralatos.